Bourbon Street Fest

Business hours

23 to 30 August

The festival is usually held in the month of August every year, in Ibirapuera Park!

Bourbon Street Fest is already a popular event on the cultural calendar of Sao Paulo City, as well as in other cities where it also takes place, hailed as one of the best African American roots music festival in Brazil.

Parque do Ibirapuera

Initiated by Bourbon Street Music Club – which is one of the best and most typical jazz houses of the world, it’s located in Moema, São Paulo. The festival had its 12th edition, in 2014, and was focused in the vibrant original music from Louisiana, specifically New Orleans, with a solid lineup. There were open air diverse shows in Brasilia, in the “Tres Poderes” plaza, in Rio de Janeiro, and in São Paulo: the opening and closing shows took place in Ibirapuera Park, as well as various others that took place in Bourbon Street Music Club.

The show is always surprising the public and surpassing itself, bringing talented and famous artists, as much so in the international stage as in the national, always giving incentive and opportunities to new talents. The artists that perform can represent so much so the musical art, working with the contemporary scene, and often representing true legends of the style.

For example, the eternal mark made, in the history of music by B.B. King: one of the best international names of blues and, that has already honored the festival’s stands in past editions.
Through such diversity and spontaneity, the festival is not only reduced to Jazz, but also playing other experiences that combine the rhythms of R&B, Soul, Funk and Blues.

among the artists that were present in the last edition of the festival were: Walter ‘’Wolfman’' Washington (singer and guitarist that has already entered into the New Orleans musical scene); Mia Borders (a new singer and insightful guitarist, with a style that passes for Blues with Folk and Rock); Glen David Andrews (singer and trombonist responsible for explosive performances, known for his extrapolated repertoire: traditional jazz in addition to Blues, Hip Hop, Funk, Gospel, Rock and R&B).

The highlight of the show was due to the maestro pianist Allen Toussaint, and the legendary singer Germaine Bazzle accompanied by the band 505 experience. In addition to his performance on stage, Germaine presented a free workshop as part of the festival program.

Capable of involving the public with a singular light style, creating an informal and enthusiastic atmosphere, the entrance to the festival is open and free, in Ibirapuera Park. More so still, the festival includes traditional gastronomy options of Cajun cooking and Creole flavors. The dishes, lightly seasoned in the kitchens, are typical and original from New Orleans. Inspired by the Spanish and French culinary they also have a Brazilian touch within the event. This mix of music, gastronomy and excitement captions perfectly the ambiance of New Orleans, transmitting it to the public.
The event can’t be missed, not only for those that already love and are jazz experts, but also for those that don’t want to let the opportunity pass them by to get to know a new musical repertoire and a new cultural scene.

With the guarantee that the music is of excellent quality, positive energy, and contagious, the cultural mixture of the festival brings the perfect combination, for those who are going out with friends, or for the whole family, or for someone who is simply looking for a special time with a loved one, drinking wine and enjoying the special gastronomy, while they allow the romantic vibration carry them, the style of music that’s so touching and profoundly beautiful.
So, if per chance you’re in Sao Paulo in August, don’t miss a weekend day trip to Ibirapuera Park and take advantage of what this unique event has to offer. If you are not in Sao Paulo, run to the city during the weekend, invite your friends to stay at Did’s Hostel and enjoy the afternoon and evening benefitting from Jazz in Ibirapuera! : )

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